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Boating & Boatyard Use

Boating and Boatyard Use

Boating and boatyard operations at Alpine Lake are governed by the rules and commentary specified below in Alpine Lake's Policy for boating and boatyard use. The objective of the policy is to define Boating Regulations governing boating on Alpine Lake and Boatyard Regulations governing the use of the boatyard.

Boating Regulations

  • Boating on Alpine Lake is permitted without charge for ALPOA members and their guests.
    1. Boating is permitted from 30 minutes prior to sunrise to thirty minutes prior to sundown.
    2. No boat may be put into the lake with a gasoline engine on-board, even if the engine is not actually used.
    3. Personal flotation devices approved by the U.S. Coast Guard must be worn by each boater at all times on the lake.
    4. Unruly behavior on the lake will not be tolerated.
    5. Boats should be launched and retrieved at the boat ramp. They may be beached along the shoreline temporarily during boating excursions where fishing is permitted. Fishing is not permitted in places that are either unsafe or subject to severe erosion problems, and fishing restrictions are posted.
    6. Boats may not be within 50 feet of the designated beach swimming area or be within 100 feet of the dam or the golf course.
    7. Boats on trailers may not be parked overnight in parking lots, unless permission is obtained from the General Manager.
    8. No boats may be stored at any place along the shoreline except in the boatyard.
    9. Unattended boats found in unauthorized locations will be removed and placed in storage. ALPOA will assess fees as determined by the Board of Directors for removal and storage of these boats.

    Commentary on Boating Regulations

    Boats are not permitted to be stored along the shoreline outside of the boatyard.

    Boatyard Regulations

  • Storage of small boats in the boatyard is permitted for ALPOA members via an annual permit fee established by the Board of Directors. The permit allows for the use of a boat rack or other storage site designated by the General Manager in the boatyard.
    1. Boatyard permits for any calendar year may be purchased starting January 1. ALPOA members purchasing permits prior to May 1 will be guaranteed a space in the boatyard. After May 1st permits will be issued only if space is available. Current decals must be displayed on each boat by May 1st.
    2. Normally the boatyard is open for use throughout the year. However, it must be closed occasionally for routine maintenance and construction. All boats must be removed from the boatyard during these periods of closure. These closures will be scheduled from November 1st to March 31st when possible. Users will be notified at least 90 days prior to closure.
    3. Boats stored in violation of these regulations will be removed and stored by ALPOA, and boat owners will be assessed fees as determined by the Board of Directors for removal and storage. This provision applies to boats without a current decal after May 1, and boats not removed from the boatyard by the announced date of closure.
    4. No boat trailers may be parked in the boatyard. Boat trailers must be parked in the upper parking lot above the boathouse while boating.
    5. No boats may be launched or retrieved from the shoreline adjacent to the boatyard. The boat ramp must be used for these purposes.

    * ALPOA provides a dolly at the boatyard for moving boats between the racks and the launch ramp.


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    Tennis at Alpine Lake
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