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Alpine Lake Resort Golf Course Bears Getting Ready to Hibernate for Winter

Oct 14, 2021

The Alpine Lake Resort Golf Course has a lot of bears on the property and it is not considered a problem! Actually, just about every hole on the course has a bear due to the generosity of property owners and golfers. While there are certainly live bears on the property, the bear statues that populate the course also represent members’ pride in their course and community.

The bears started appearing over a decade ago as donors contributed the money to buy a custom-carved bear or donated one they specifically chose to commemorate the course, a loved one or a special memory. Now the bears are a welcome part of the course and a point of conversation for newcomers playing the course.

“What started as one or two donors contributing bears has continued over the years and grown into something that is both fun and quite a conversation starter. There are also a lot of players that take photos of themselves or playing partners with the bears as they play the course,” stated Mary Ann Krewson, who along with her husband Barry, manages course operations.

While some are life size, others are smaller and many have accessories such as lanterns, golf clubs, hats and other, seasonal attire. “We liked the idea so much Mary Ann and I donated a bear ourself for the course. He sits on the 10 th tee area and is a much-photographed icon, along with the hole recently named the states prettiest golf hole,” added Barry.

While the course continues daily hours through the season, the bears will go into a sort of hibernation again this winter, waiting until April weather brings out the golfers, and the real-life bears that call the area home.

Alpine Lake Resort has Fall special pricing of $28 per 18 holes, including cart in effect until the end of the season. Call the golf course at 304.789.2481 or go to www.alpinelake.com for more information or to book a tee-time.

The attached photo is Barry Krewson (left) & Mary Ann Krewson, (right), co-directors of Alpine Lake Resort golf operations.


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