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New Website Refresh

Sep 17, 2020

Alpine Lake Resort is pleased to announce the launch of its new resort web site located at www.AlpineLake.com.

After 6 months of research into customer journeys and best practices, the site offers an easy-to-navigate interface and celebrates the activities and events happening at the resort.

As a premier resort community in West Virginia, it is important for Alpine Lake to showcase the natural beauty, seclusion, wildlife, and nature experience offered. The goal with the new website is to provide visitors with easy access to amenities information, spending time at Alpine Lake, and perhaps becoming a home or property owner.

Pages and information to note:


Staying with Alpine Lake Resort is the easiest way to retreat to the mountains. Alpine Lake Resort offers a 35-room hotel and over 20 rental cabins. As a guest of the resort, the public can take advantage of the lake, mini-golf, beach, pavilions, fishing, fitness center, walking trails, and pool amenities.


The award-winning golf course at Alpine Lake is a pleasure to play and receives rave reviews. The signature hole 10 is something special. Firm greens, a well-kept course and spectacular views keep golfers coming back to this hidden gem.


An updated and refreshed menu has recently been implemented under the guide of head chef Debbie Collins. In dining with Alpine, guests enjoy favorites such as BBQ ribs, burgers, the Wolf Wrap, the caprese salad, and the signature cheese fries. The restaurant also offers deck-dining and takeout options.


With over 150 acres of freshwater lake to access and 17 miles of trails, there is a lot to explore at Alpine Lake Resort. Alpine Lake Resort offers a beautiful, natural canvas to create great memories for couples, families and single individuals that appreciate a cost-effective experience in the cool, clean mountain air. The resort community is made of over 2,000 privately owned lots with several lots available for sale.


The news element of the site will showcase the news, updates and information as they are announced. These pages will showcase the resorts’ calendar and share new information, specials, and the For What It’s Worth member newsletter.


With a resort atmosphere as rich as Alpine Lake, there are several frequently asked questions. We want to invite the public in to the community to learn more about the amenities and participate in events. This page offers more information and explains the details about Alpine Lake Resort.

“We are extremely pleased with the launch of our new website,” said Clay Rice, Alpine Lake Resort General Manager. “The information is easy to find and our focus is on showcasing the natural beauty and amenities we have here at the resort. We hope to see you soon!”

For more information, contact Clay at 800-752-7179 or generalmanager@alpinelake.com


Stay for the weekend or a long vacation in our 35 room hotel and enjoy the dozens of resort amenities!



We offer a casual lounge and a relaxed restaurant experience . We're also available to cater your special event.



Alpine Lake Resort also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year for you to enjoy during your stay.



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