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Alpine Lake Resort is a place to relax, unwind, experience nature’s beauty and meet great people in the mountains of West Virginia. Close to the major population centers of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, District of Columbia and Morgantown, Alpine Lake Resort provides a respite from the busy day-to-day lives of people from all walks of life.

Alpine Lake Resort offers a beautiful, natural canvas to create great memories for couples, families and single individuals who appreciate an affordable and value-packed experience in the cool, clean mountain air.  Alpine Lake Resort offers a lake for fishing, swimming and boating, miles of walking trails, a great lodge with an indoor pool, exercise room and meeting places, a restaurant for snacks or a great meal, a lounge with a fully stocked bar, an 18-hole golf course, a 35-room hotel, miniature golf and other amenities.



Start your next chapter now….Alpine Lake Resort features 11 neighborhoods with lots for sale.


Alpine Lake started in the late 1960s as “Mountaintop Vacationland,” a development spearheaded by Terra Alta and Preston County business leaders. From the early 1930’s, the property itself had been a hunting and fishing club owned by Arlie Hull. At that time, the lake (Hull’s Lake) consisted of 65 acres.

Mountaintop Vacationland was purchased in 1971 by Morgantown industrialist J.W. Ruby. It was under his direction that the development was renamed Alpine Lake, greatly expanded, and the complete plan for a residential community drawn up. After Ruby’s death, Alpine Lake was turned over to the property owners; the Alpine Lake Property Owners Association now manages all aspect of the community.

The Golf Club at Alpine Lake

Golf reigns at Alpine Lake.  Our West Virginia Golf Resort was chosen by Golf Traveler magazine as a Top 50 “scenic & friendly” destination in the U.S.  Five holes have the lake in full sight and the 10th hole has water surrounding the green on three sides providing for spectacular views.


Stay for the weekend or a long vacation in our 35 room hotel and enjoy the dozens of resort amenities!



We offer a casual lounge and a relaxed restaurant experience . We're also available to cater your special event.



Alpine Lake Resort also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year for you to enjoy during your stay.



700 West Alpine Drive,
Terra Alta, WV 26764

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The Golf Club

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Open Daily 9 am - 4 pm
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304-789-2481 - Dial 8
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