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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Alpine Lake is a resort nestled in the mountains of West Virginia.

What is Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine Lake Resort is a place to relax, unwind, experience nature’s beauty and meet great people in the mountains of West Virginia. Close to the major population centers of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, District of Columbia and Morgantown, Alpine Lake Resort provides a respite from the busy day-to-day lives of people from all walks of life.

Alpine Lake Resort offers a beautiful, natural canvas to create great memories for couples, families and single individuals that appreciate a cost-effective experience in the cool, clean mountain air.  Alpine lake resort offers a lake for fishing, swimming and boating, miles of walking trails, a great lodge with an indoor pool, exercise room and meeting places, a restaurant for snacks or a great meal, an 18-hole golf course, a 35-room hotel, miniature golf and other amenities.

Alpine Lake Resort is great for a those seeking a day visit to golf and eat a great meal, or those seeking to stary in the hotel or rental cabins for a few days or more.  It is also a great place for a second home or that perfect retirement home that you have worked so hard for.

 Who is Alpine Lake Resort for?

Alpine Lake Resort is for both visitors and homeowners.  The variety of amenities and activities, along with the natural beauty all around the resort and area are perfect for a short visit, a longer vacation or for those seeking a lifetime in the cool, clear mountain air of West Virginia.

 Where is Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine Lake Resort is just outside the town of Terra Alta West Virginia, in beautiful, rural West Virginia.  It is also a short drive from Deep Creek Lake in rural western Maryland and just 20 minutes from the historic small town of Oakland, in Maryland. 

 What are some of the amenities available at Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine Lake Resort truly has something for everyone and, for every family or couple. Amenities include the following:

  • A 150-acre lake for fishing, boating and swimming
  • An 18-hole golf course with a variety of holes and topography
  • A 35-room hotel that offers simple, pleasant, cost-effective accommodations
  • Miles of walking and hiking trails for all ages and abilities
  • A lodge with exercise room, pool, game room, meeting rooms and a restaurant
  • Food service for the single traveler or for the large wedding or event

Is Alpine Lake Resort open year-round?

Alpine Lake is definitely a four-seasons resort. While the summer months are certainly busiest as property owners and guests partake of lake-related activities, golfing and hiking, the shoulder seasons also offer a place to relax and enjoy the changes of the season, along with other outdoor activities.  Winter provides an opportunity for the property owner or guest to decompress and enjoy nature’s beauty and also to enjoy close-by winter sports. 

What food is available at Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine Lake Resort has an on-site restaurant with a diverse menu to meet the requirements of a wide variety of palettes, including children. A breakfast bar is located in the Lodge and open daily to accommodate breakfast for the guests of our hotel. The restaurant also offers takeout during the busy seasons and offers complete event planning and hosting for large groups, including special events and weddings.  Please check the website or call to check availability and hours, especially during winter months.

Where can I stay at Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine lake Resort offers a 35-room hotel with very cost-effective pricing in a relaxed, mountain country environment.

How can I go about purchasing land or a home at Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine Lake Resort often has a number of lots and homes available for purchase at any time.  Interested parties can inquire with one of the Realtors that support existing home sales at the resort.  Alpine Lake Resort also maintains a list of local and regional builders for those purchasing a lot and wishing to construct a new home.

What are home values at Alpine Lake Resort?

Lot and home values vary at Alpine Lake Resort, with lots often attractively priced in the low to mid-four-figure range.  Home values vary depending on lot size, square footage, age and other factors, and often range from the low six figures to the mid-six figures.  There literally is a lot and home option for almost everyone at Alpine Lake Resort and prices are considerably less than regional population centers or the Deep Creek Lake area.

What about the people at Alpine Lake Resort?

Alpine Lake Resort is home to a wide variety of folks, from all ages, occupations, interests and hometowns.  Due to the many clubs and events, it is also to meet residents (and their guests and visitors) at various amenities around the resort.  The resort provides a great place to live and unwind for singles, couples and families, whether working nearby, working remotely or retired.

I am a new owner at Alpine Lake Resort – how do I get connected?

Welcome to Alpine Lake Resort! Please contact the Webmaster at webmaster@alpinelake.com to gain access to the member’s website and materials.


Stay for the weekend or a long vacation in our 35 room hotel and enjoy the dozens of resort amenities!



We offer a casual lounge and a relaxed restaurant experience . We're also available to cater your special event.



Alpine Lake Resort also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year for you to enjoy during your stay.



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