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The beach is open for property owners and guests of property owners. We regret this amenity is not available to the public due to limited parking, facilities, and beach area.

Swimming is permitted from 30 minutes after sunrise until 30 minutes prior to sundown.

All swimmers are responsible for their own safety.  Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children.  No child under the age of 14 years shall be allowed on the beach unless accompanied by a parent, or designated responsible adult age 18 or older.

Security will be patrolling the West side of the Lake between the Beach and Boathouse to ensure proper use of the beach and other amenities.

View Beach Regulations



Boat Launch Fee: $20 daily (fee for public only)
Passes can be purchased at the Front Desk of the Lodge.

Boating is free to Property Owners, and employees (of Alpine Lake Property Owners Association, and Alpine Lake Public Utility Commission.  Renters, hotel guests, and the general public can purchase a permit to boat on the Lake (with your own boat) or rent a kayak, from our Lake House. Call 304-789-9082 for rental availability.

Few things in life are as peaceful as an early morning paddle on the perfectly calm lake. For that matter, boating at any time is a joyful experience. Whether you are out for an aerobic high-speed paddle, fishing from a boat with a good friend, quietly exploring the shore alone looking for that illusive Green Heron, or casually paddling and chatting with family members, the lake at Alpine can feed your soul. The water quality is pristine and the scene is beautiful in all directions. Please help us maintain this high-value amenity by following the simple boating regulations. These regulations are also posted by the boat launch area. A regulation that is key to maintaining the pristine nature of the Lake is, “No boat may be put into the lake with a gasoline engine on board, even if the engine is not actually used.”

StopAquaticHitchhikersBrochure – all boats will be checked at the security gate

Boating & Boatyard Use

For winter storage only, there are 6 available spots in the top-level parking lot across from the Boathouse.  A fee is necessary, so connect with the GM for your spot.  First-come-first reserve. 

Boating, Launch and Boatyard Regulations



Dog Park

The Alpine Lake Dog Park provides dog owners a place for their pets to play, sniff and run in a safe, fenced in property. The Dog Park is located on the hillside above the Boat House where parking is available in the upper parking lot. Also dog owners can enjoy one of the best views in Alpine Lake Resort while their dogs enjoy the run of the Park.

Following is a list of the rules that is posted on the entrance gate of the Dog Park.

Park Rules


  • Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the Park.
  • Owners are required to pick up and properly dispose of dog feces in and around the Park.
  • Aggressive, in heat or sick dogs are not allowed.
  • All dogs must have current vaccinations and license.
  • Owners are liable for injury or damage caused by their dogs.
  • Small Dog Park area is limited to dogs weighing 30 lbs. or less. Large Dog Park is open to all dogs.
  • Owners use the Park at their own risk. Alpine Lake Resort is not responsible for injury or illness to dogs or owners.

Owners must remain with dogs AT ALL TIMES.

Infractions of any of these rules can result in temporary or permanent loss of Dog Park privileges.

This Dog Park was made for the enjoyment of owners and their dogs, please be respectful of the facility, as well as others using the Dog Park.

We all hope that you and your dogs will enjoy this amenity provided by the generosity of donations made by specifically for the construction and maintenance of the Alpine Lake Dog Park.



Public Yearly Pass – $112
Monthly – $67 Per Person
Weekly – $28 Per Person
Daily – $12 Per Person

Alpine Lake is the crown jewel of the Alpine Lake Resort Community. You can enjoy its beauty from the shore or on the water.

In addition to its natural beauty, this 150-acre Lake is a thriving fishery that offers recreational opportunities to anglers of every age and skill level. The fish population includes: Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, and Bluegills. Every spring the Lake Management Committee (a community-based advisory group) oversees stocking. In recent years the focus has been on Rainbow Trout, and the stocking plan has included a few large “brooder” trout.

Fishing is a free amenity for all property owners and employees (of Alpine Lake Property Owners Association, and Alpine Lake Public Utility Commission). The general public, renters, and guests can also buy a permit to fish. While a West Virginia Fishing License is not required at this privately owned and managed lake, Alpine Lake’s own fishing regulations must be followed. These regulations are posted near the boat launch (and in-part below) and at the handicap access fishing area. Please help us maintain the health of this resource by following these regulations.

-NO fishing allowed in the following areas:
a. The golf course area, including Number 10 and 11 fairways and greens, and within 100 feet of the shoreline.
b. The boathouse area, from the north side of the boat launch ramp to the dam side of the boathouse, including the picnic area and the boathouse dock. (sidewalk)
c. Within 100 feet of the shoreline below and to either side of the playground.
d. Within 100 feet of the shoreline below and to either side of the beach swimming area.
e. The causeway at the north end of the lake.
f. Any area posted with no fishing signs.

-No more than two fishing poles (lines) per person.

-Daily creel limits:
a. Sunfish and Bluegills: No limit
b. Perch, Crappie: Three per day – 8 inch minimum
c. Trout: Two per day
d. Bass restrictions:
i. Two per day, greater than 12 inches but not greater than 15 inches. All bass either under or over this slot size must be returned to the lake.
ii. All bass caught during spawning season (April 15 to the week before Memorial Day) must be returned to the lake.

-No live bait may be used during spawning season. (April 15 to the week before Memorial Day)

Catch-and-Release Program:
-You are encouraged to participate in the Catch-and-Release Program for game fish. Please consider the following guidelines for releasing fish.
1. Time is important. Play and release fish as quickly as possible to reduce unnecessary stress.
2. Handle the fish with bare, wet hands.
3. Keep the fish in the water as much as possible.
4. Best way to handle fish is to place the thumb over the fish’s lower lip and lift it straight up. Remove the hook using forceps or needle-nose pliers and return the fish to water. Hold the fish gently under the water until it is ready to swim away on its own.


Boating is another key amenity at Alpine Lake. It is free to Property Owners, employees (of Alpine Lake Property Owners Association, and Alpine Lake Public Utility Commission), renters and motel guests. The general public can purchase a permit to boat on the Lake.

Enjoy Alpine Lake. Admire it from the shore. Explore it by boat. You will be transported to a better place!

Lake, Watercraft, Boatyard, and Fishing Regulations

Fitness Center

At Alpine Lake Resort, the active amenities offer some of the best lake views in the state of West Virginia! Wake up early and enjoy a quick run on the treadmills facing a beautiful landscape view of Alpine Lake and the renowned Alpine Lake Resort Golf Course! Enjoy an afternoon of scenic views and then go for a swim in our onsite indoor pool, located adjacent to our lake view fitness center. There’s plenty of room for the whole family, and plenty of seating for meeting up with your friends!

These exclusive amenities are only available to Alpine Lake Resort property owners, their guests, renters and hotel guests, and employees, so you’ll never have to face those overcrowded fitness rooms again!

Fitness Center hours at Alpine Lake Resort are from 6 am – 11 pm, daily.

Golf Course

Enjoy gentle breezes with cool clean mountain air. Our course offers a unique blend of par 3, 4 & 5’s, consisting of six each. The six par 3’s may be the hardest you’ll ever play anywhere. In the off-season, feel free to walk and play the course and see for yourself!


Book Your Tee Time (fees apply)

Hiking / Biking Trails

Alpine Lake boasts more than 17 miles of trails. Our trails are used for active and passive recreation and exploring. We encourage you to practice trail safety at all times as you enjoy the trails.

Alpine Lake’s trails are natural surface trails are typically narrow (2-4 feet wide) dirt trails. Types of uses associated with these trails are hiking and mountain biking.

If there has been recent inclement weather please make sure to use caution. Heavy rains can create hazardous conditions on trails and adversely impact the integrity of the trails. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Castle Rock Trail—skirts the eastern boundary of Alpine Lake Resort beginning at parking area off Columbine Circle and extending through the woods close to the Maryland state line to Castle Rock and then continuing to the eastern end of Burchinal Road. Approx. 2.3 miles/3.7 Km. Rating: Most Difficult.

Burchinal Trail—begins at parking area on Grosbeak Drive north to Burchinal Road and continues to eastern terminus of Burchinal Road, connecting with Castle Rock Trail. Approx. 1.7 miles/2.7 Km. Rating: Most Difficult.

Matterhorn Trails—also begin at parking area on Grosbeak Drive. Follows Grosbeak Drive to Boblink Drive and proceeds northeast into the several trails following several generally unused, unplowed roads in the eastern areas of the Matterhorn Section of Alpine Lake. Excellent scenic overlook at the Old Firetower peak, the highest point at Alpine Lake resort. Total distance: 4.5 miles/7.2 Km. Rating: Most Difficult.

Lake Side Loop—you may begin at the Alpine Lake Clubhouse, or at parking areas at the Boat House, or along Grosbeak Road. Extends east from the Clubhouse to Bluebell Drive, following Bluebell Drive to East Alpine Drive, to West Alpine Drive south to the Boat House and on to cross the Alpine Lake Dam, through the golf course and back to the Club House. Rating: Easiest. Distance: 2.85 miles/4.6 Km.

Azalea Lane Connector—This is an optional route which leaves the Lake Side Loop and connects to both Burchinal Trail and Matterhorn Trails. Distance: .6 miles/1 Km. Difficulty: More difficult.

Seven Bridges Trail—If you want a bit more of a challenge while traveling the Lake Side Loop, on the eastern side of Alpine Lake you may opt to take this trail which goes closer to the lake, rather than following Bluebell Drive. Rating for this option is More Difficult. Distance: 1 mile/1.6 Km.

Lake View Circle—is a short loop which follows Bluebell Drive for a short distance and drops down closer to the lake, passing through the wooded common area, and re-joining Bluebell Drive near Ivy Court. Rating: Easiest. Distance from Lodge and return: .3 miles/.5 Km.

Novice Loop—Park in the parking area near the tennis courts and take a practice run on this loop, adjacent to the tennis courts. Distance: .33 miles/.5 Km. Difficulty: Easiest.

Enjoy nature through Alpine’s trails.


Indoor Pool

At Alpine Lake Resort, luxury lies around every corner! The newly finished, beautiful indoor pool is the perfect place to meet up with friends, take the grandkids for an afternoon of fun, or enjoy a soothing swim! With ample, comfortable seating and table areas, there’s plenty of room to enjoy the afternoon with your friends and family. The indoor pool at Alpine Lake Resort is located onsite at the main lodge, and is conveniently positioned next to the incredible, scenic view Fitness Center.

This exclusive amenity is only available to Alpine Lake Resort property owners, their guests, renters and hotel guests, and employees, so you’ll never have to face those overcrowded pools again!

The pool hours at Alpine Lake Resort are: 6 am – 11 pm, daily

The Lake House
The Lake House is your stop for seasonal rentals – kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, and bikes. Also, cold drinks, snacks, refreshments, ice cream, bait & tackle, and souvenirs.
Open weather permitting.
Call The Lake House at 304-789-9082 for more information!
Miniature Golf

ALR’s challenging and fun course is open to the public, renters and hotel guests at the following play rate:

  • $6 per adult
  • $4 per child (5 – 12)
  • FREE for children 4 and under

Register at the front desk of the Lodge to obtain your putter and golf ball. Hours vary due to Lodge staffing so confirm with the front desk for availability.

Property Owners have access to the Miniature Golf Course at no charge, but must be present at all times when guests are golfing.



For members and guests, snowshoeing is a great winter activity on our network of hiking trails.

📸 Amanda Trusler


Property owners and guests may enjoy tennis, pickleball, and basketball on our courts – although they may find it difficult to concentrate on the game with the spectacular mountain and lake views! Four courts are available for your enjoyment as well as a covered picnic area and horseshoe pits.

  • Sign-up sheets will be posted daily (for next-day usage) at the Front Desk in the Lodge. Courts will be available for play from 8am until 9pm. Sign-up will be on a first-come basis. You may ONLY sign up for yourself and members of your family. Usage per family is limited to two (2) one-hour blocks of reserved play per day.
  • Reserved courts must be claimed within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time or any resident/approved player may use the court for the remainder of the hour.
  • If the court is not reserved, anyone may claim it for the hour.

Property Owners and their accompanied guests, employees, renters, and hotel guests play tennis and basketball without a fee

Public seasonal members are available for:

  • $100 – primary player
  • $50 – per additional family member
  • $3 – daily

Tennis Court Regulations


Stay for the weekend or a long vacation in our 35 room hotel and enjoy the dozens of resort amenities!



We offer a casual lounge and a relaxed restaurant experience . We're also available to cater your special event.



Alpine Lake Resort also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year for you to enjoy during your stay.



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The Golf Club

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