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Find Your Peace

Own “Almost Heaven”

At any given time, there are a variety of lots and homes available for purchase in Alpine Lake Resort. Lots and homes are currently available in all of the neighborhoods of the resort and allow prospective property owners the opportunity to experience and explore all that the resort offers in all four-seasons. 


Live Your Dreams

Local Realtors are the best source to find that perfect mountain getaway home in the woods.  Alpine Lake Resort has a number of chalets and cabins at price-points that compare very favorably to regional population centers and to nearby resort areas such as Deep Creek Lake.  Realtors may also offer lots owned by individuals.

Alpine Lake Resort also owns a selection of lots but the sales of those lots is currently on hold. Additional information is available by contacting the resort at lots@alpinelake.com.

Connect and Serve

The property owners in Alpine Lake Resort maximize connection and social activities. There are many activities where owners get together to enjoy each other’s company, make new friends, and enjoy the resort.

“You can be as busy as you want at Alpine Lake.”

A few examples are below:


Shuffle Ball

Open-Mic Night

Alpine Learning Program

Arts & Crafts

Sewing Program

Cross Country Skiing



The Alpine Lake property owners have many community activities and clubs which work towards giving back to the Terra Alta and other surrounding communities.


Stay for the weekend or a long vacation in our 35 room hotel and enjoy the dozens of resort amenities!



We offer a casual lounge and a relaxed restaurant experience . We're also available to cater your special event.



Alpine Lake Resort also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year for you to enjoy during your stay.



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The Golf Club

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Open Daily 9 am - 4 pm
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304-789-2481 - Dial 8
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