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Roads Maintenance

Apr 30, 2021

Roads and Grounds Maintenance

Reports to: Superintendent

Type of Employment: Seasonal/Full-time

Overtime/Weekend: Yes/Yes


Roads and Grounds Maintenance is primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of the roads and associated equipment. The crew members operate equipment to perform highway grading, trucking, snow removal and sanding roads, brush clearing, road repair, lake repair and ground repair. Performs traffic monitoring and control including the distribution of barricades, warning signs, and safety cones and the flagging of vehicles.


Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have a valid West Virginia Class D license or CDL
Should have previous experience operating heavy equipment such as dump trucks, graders, loaders, snow plows, etc.
Mechanical knowledge of road maintenance related equipment preferred
Must be able to communicate effectively with other road crew personnel
Must be self-motivated


Must be able to safely lift 75 pounds; Strength requirements include handling large tires, tire chains, bridge timbers and planks, etc. Must be able to perform full range of postural, strength, and physical demands in regard to sit, stand, walk, lift, carry, climb, balance, etc.


Follows directions and instructions of supervisory personnel
Talks and listens to communicate effectively
Set out signs and cones around work areas to divert traffic
Clean and clear debris from culverts, catch basins, drop inlets, ditches, and other drain structures
Flag motorists to warm them of obstacles or repair work ahead
Operate rollers, front end loaders, trucks, snow plows, graders and other equipment with adjustable attachments to sweep debris from paved surfaces, mow grass and weeds, remove snow and ice, and spread sand.
Haul and spread sand, gravel, and clay to fill washouts and repair road shoulders
Dump, spread, and tamp asphalt, using rollers and tampers, to repair joints and patch broken pavement
Perform roadside landscaping work, such as clearing weeds and brush, and planting and trimming trees
Remove litter and debris from roadways
Check fluid levels, lubrication, tire pressure, etc., prior to use of equipment
Observe and immediately report all deficiencies and equipment break downs or failures
Inspect, clean, and repair drainage systems
Erect, install, or repair guardrails, road shoulders, berms, road signs/markers using hand tools and power tools

Perform other assigned work activities


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